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Can You Freeze Papa Murphy’s Pizza – Comprehensive Guide

Papa Murphy’s is currently one of America’s best-known pizza companies. The organization invented the grab and bake strategic vision in 1995. With the grab and bake strategy, customers may purchase an uncooked pizza and prepare it themselves in the convenience of their household. Can you freeze Papa Murphy’s pizza? Read This article to know all about it.

The grab and bake strategy saves the company a significant amount on oven consumption and repair costs in addition to cooking licenses. This innovative system was favorably appreciated and contributed to securing their success as we advanced. Like Pizzeria Uno, other conventional dine-in pizzerias have joined the craze and added this service as an extra.

You might be curious whether it’s possible to keep their unbaked pizzas for a considerable duration. These are the ideas that emerge. Can you freeze Papa Murphy’s pizza? How long will a Papa Murphy’s pizza survive in the refrigerator?

Quick Summary: The company doesn’t officially recommend freezing their pizzas. If you want to, double wrap them to maintain them as fresh as feasible. It would be best to let them defrost in the refrigerator before baking.

Read more to discover if it’s possible to refrigerate an entire raw Papa Murphy’s pizza…

An oven-baked pizza like Papa Murphy’s is reasonably practical. They are ideal for those hectic times when you want something warm and cozy without much work or outrageous delivery costs.

What if you go to the store to buy a pizza to take home for dinner but find it already served? What if, instead, you buy a couple of Papa Murphy’s pizzas to keep on reserve for when things become hectic in your life? So let’s look at can you freeze Papa Murphy’s pizza.

Can You Freeze Papa Murphy’s Pizza – All You Need To Know

You could be inquiring if it’s possible to freeze whole Papa Murphy’s pizzas if you’ve got a few extras hanging around and you understand you aren’t going to bake or consume them inside 24hrs of purchasing them. Papa Murphy’s doesn’t specifically advise freezing, although you can if necessary.

To avoid freezer burn, ensure that your pizza gets thoroughly and snugly covered in plastic wrapping. Pizza from Papa Murphy’s gets advised to be double wrapped for the greatest and freshest outcomes. Additionally, you should consume your pizza within two to three months to prevent freezer burning.

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Specific components won’t freeze properly. Pizzas with ingredients like tomatoes, scallops, lettuce, or red sauce, which are standard on the restaurant’s Vegetable pizza variants, should not be frozen, according to the restaurant’s advice. These substances and parts don’t freeze properly.

The vegetables’ cellular composition would get harmed by the formation of ice particles brought on by the humidity. Regarding the sauce, it would split into its parts, ruining the overall pizza’s flavor and smoothness.

How To Freeze A Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Suppose you opted to buy another Papa Murphy’s pizza. In that scenario, you should freeze the surplus because the company advises baking the pizzas within 24 hours after purchase. So, now you got your answer: can you freeze Papa Murphy’s pizza? Follow these guidelines to freeze your entire Murphy’s pizza safely.

  • Lay a piece of plastic wrapping out on the kitchen worktop.
  • Center the pizza from Murphy’s on the plastic wrapping.
  • Fold the plastic all around the pizza, tear it off, and afterward cover it.
  • Cut a piece off clingfilm, then set Murphy’s pizza that got previously covered in the center.
  • Carefully enclose the pizza in plastic, ensuring to fill up any gaps that may get overlooked during the initial wrapping.
  • Tighten the covering and ensure the entire pizza gets sealed off from the atmosphere—your chance of freezer burning increases if any portion of the pizza gets uncovered.
  • Take out an indelible marker and indicate the time and kind of pizza on a strip of sticky tape. Please attach it to the film wrapping for information on when the pizza got frozen. How long will it stay fresh, and what kind of pizza is it?
  • The most pleasing results come from freezing your pizza and using it for two to three months.
  • Defrost your pizza by putting it in the fridge ahead. The next day, let it lie on the countertop for an hr before preparing it as indicated.

As you can see, freezing your Papa Murphy’s pizza is quick and straightforward. You prevent freezer burning, be sure to double wrap the food in plastic to preserve freshness and prepare it within 2-3 months.

Can You Freeze Leftovers Of A Papa Murphy’s Pizza?

Baking and then freezing the remaining pizza from Papa Murphy’s remains one of our preferred methods of preserving it. By cutting your pizza into pieces, you could utilize this strategy only to defrost the number of slices you could consume at once.

To achieve the most significant results, We advise baking remnants before freezing them. The dough and other components won’t hold up similarly if you place an unbaked Papa Murphy’s pizzeria in the freezer because it didn’t make it to get frozen.

How To Freeze Leftovers Of A Papa Murphy’s Pizza?

• Allow your pizza to finish cooling. It could even benefit from an overnight chill in the fridge before freezing.

• After your pizza has cooled, cut it into 1- or 2-slice portions.

• Place plastic wrapping on each piece separately. Ensure the pizza is never left outside in the open.

• Put one or two slices in a moderate freezer sack. Close the bag after pressing out all the excess.

• Indicate the date, what’s inside, and what kind of pizza it is on the exterior of the sack

• For optimal outcomes, freeze the pizza pieces and eat the leftovers within two to three months.

Bottom Line

Suppose you wish to organize pizza night in the upcoming. In that case, Murphy’s pizzas are an excellent alternative to keep in the freezer. To ensure that everything is prepared and suitable for long preservation, ensure you cover it appropriately.

Wrap each Papa Murphy pizza piece in tinfoil or plastic cover before freezing. The pieces are then put in freezer cases and kept in the freezer. The final pizza could get stored in the fridge for 3 to 4 days.

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