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How Hot Should A Hot Tub Be – Facts You Should Know

Nothing beats getting into the properly heated hot tub. You lie back and drift into a profound state of relaxation while bubbles rise around you. It’s complete happiness. But if there’s one problem that so many hot tub users have, it’s determining the proper temperature. You must consider how hot you want your water, the safety of those who will use your spa, and the influence of a heated hot tub on the monthly power cost. So you might be thinking about how hot should a hot tub be? Keep on reading to know all about the hot tub.

Why Is Hot Tub Temperature Critical?

Our bodies slumber at an average temperature of 98.6 degrees; soaking in a hot tub hotter than this feels nice. After a hard day at work, the hot water will massage your muscles that help you de-stress. So, keeping a stable temperature guarantees that the hot tub is always ready for a soak.

However, it would be advantageous if you also examined safety. Too much time in hot water elevates your body temperature, which can cause overheating, vomiting and fainting, and possibly heat stroke if you don’t get out. It is essential for youngsters and the elderly because bodies are less resistant to changes in water temperature.

Temperature is also essential in keeping the tub clean. Bacteria flourish in hot water, so the hotter your hot tub, the faster you’ll use up your chlorine. Getting the temperature perfect is especially important during the winter months. The water inside the tub and all the pipes will freeze if it isn’t hot enough. When water freezes, it expands, breaking and causing havoc on all internal mechanisms that keep your hot tub running. That is not the desired outcome.

Body Temperature vs Hot Tub Temperature

On average, our body temperature is 37°C, which significantly influences the hot tub experience. You may catch a cold if the water temp is much less than 37 degrees. It might be a wonderful experience if you want to chill in hot weather. Alternatively, suppose the outside temperature is cooler in the winter.

In that case, you might wish to increase the temperature by a few degrees above 37. The hot tub would slowly cool with the lid off, so if you intend on soaking for a lengthy period, you will keep warm for longer!

How To Heat A Hot Tub?

The heater in the hot tub is a straightforward gadget. You may temperature was set with the push of a button or the turn of a dial. The heating components activate, and after a short period, it reaches the temperature you’ve specified.

Because they got built for efficiency, they can take several hours to heat up, so some hot tub installations now have their applications. You can set and manage the temperature from the smartphone, ensuring that it is precisely heated when you need it. Most newer hot tubs will have a temperature restriction as well.

According to CDC standards, because of the hazards to your health from spending too much time in overheated water. The maximum setting you will be permitted to heat is 104 degrees.

However, no solution is completely failsafe. We would also recommend purchasing a second water temperature thermometer for your tub. Before entering the water, perform a quick temperature check to ensure that the water is ideal and that there are no issues with the heater or the hot tub’s control panel.

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How Hot Should A Hot Tub Be?

Choosing the ideal temperature for the tub is more than simply a matter of personal opinion; there are a few rules to follow to ensure the optimum experience.

  • Hot and cold

You will most likely wish to utilise it at a low temperature or even chill off during the summer.

You will undoubtedly turn up the heat in the winter to guarantee you keep comfortable in our chilly weather!

  • Men & Women

Women, on average, prefer a somewhat warmer temperature because they seem to catch a cold more than males. It might be because guys have more muscle mass genetically than most women, producing extra heat to warm their bodies. It may not be the case in every instance, but it is one of the most prevalent in our experience!

Considering how Hot Should be A Hot Tub Be, 37°C is a good beginning temp for both men and women to attempt; however, women may like it a bit hotter at 38-39°C.

  • Children

We highly encourage you to maintain the temperature a few degrees lower than you might enjoy as an adult, at approximately 35°C. Due to having thinner skin and smaller bodies, children cannot tolerate the exact amounts of heat as adults can.

  • The Temperature, When Not In Use

When you’re not going to use it for weeks or months, you have a few alternatives for “idling” the system and answers for How Hot Should A Hot Tub Be. It’s entirely OK to crank down the heat on the hot tub throughout the summer, spring, or fall.

If you’re going away for a few weeks, you could want to turn off your hot tub heating completely. However, you might be better off emptying it to avoid any issues with chemical imbalances.

We would not advocate idling it throughout the cold. Instead, you should drain and empty the tub. When it’s idle, there’s too much chance that something goes wrong, and the temperature decreases to the point where the water within freezes.

Final Thought

Choosing the ideal temperature for the hot tub may be difficult, and it would be best to combine your tastes with what is safe for all users in your house. Still, you must also consider the continuing costs and the best method to maintain your tub during the various seasons and periods when it is not in use.



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