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How Long Does It Take For Primer To Dry – All You Need To Know

A home is a place that will give a peaceful feeling; hence you will put your effort into decorating the interior and exterior and spending time planning your garden. After about five to ten years, you might see the walls look dull, so you will have to repaint the house to improve the look. In this article, you will learn how long does it take for primer to dry.

Some people might cover the old paint using a primer which will reduce the expense compared to repainting the entire house. If you are planning to repaint the house, it is always best to use a primer before applying the paint.

You must be patient when painting as you will have to wait till the primer dries to paint over it. If you are wondering how long does it take for primer to dry, then by reading this article, you will be able to get a clear idea.

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There are several benefits of using a primer when painting. Some people skip this process, but that will not be a good option. You don’t have to worry about durability and maintenance when you paint the house properly.

In contrast, when you choose a low-quality product, skip some steps, or make the process faster, then you will not be able to get good finishing. Knowing how long does it take for primer to dry will help prevent applying the paint sooner.

Also, you can get a professional to paint the house if you don’t know how it works. In such cases, there will be an additional expense for the labor cost.

Anyways, priming the wall before painting will significantly improve the appearance and be long-lasting. If you intend to paint the house, then it is best to know about the drying period of the primer.

How Long Does It Take For Primer To Dry?

When you paint the walls, the house looks bright and pleasant. Also when you choose light colors it will give a warmly feel. Choosing a good quality paint and primer is also essential when painting the house.

If you have already selected the primer and the paints and wondering about the time it might take for the primer to dry, then it is better to know about it before stepping into the process. A primer coating will take thirty minutes to six hours to dry completely.

The time taken to dry may change according to the brand you are using; hence you will also have to check with the manufacturer to know the drying time. On average, the primer will take about two hours to dry entirely. Also, people advice at least to stay for 60 minutes before applying the paint on top of the primer.

Check whether the primer you have chosen is water or oil-based, as this can also affect the drying period.

The oil-based primers will take longer to dry. In most cases, leaving the water-based primer coating for about sixty minutes will be sufficient, but if you use an oil-based primer, it may take around two hours.

Often it is suggested to apply at least two coats of primer before painting. If you have used any dark color paints before and are trying to change the color, then applying two to three coats of primer will be more efficient. Read Polycuramine VS. Epoxy.

Why You Must Wait Until The Primer Dries

It is essential to wait until the primer dries entirely. If you don’t do so and start applying the paint sooner, the primer will start pulling off the wall. Also, the durability of the painting will be less than expected, and applying paint may make it wrinkle.

The whole process will turn out messy, and the result will not look good. Therefore, it is crucial to wait patiently until the primer dries completely. Even when you are planning to apply the second coat of primer, it is necessary to ensure that the first coat has dried well. If not, the consequences will be similar.

What Are The Factors Affecting The Dry Period Of The Primer

A few factors may impact the drying period of the primer, some of which are given below.

  • Method Of Application

Instead of applying the primer using a brush or a roller, the drying time will be quick if you use the spraying method. In ideal painting conditions, applying the primer using a paint sprayer will dry within 1 to 2 hours as the coating will be thin.

  • Brand Of The Primer That You Choose

As already mentioned in the article, the brand of the primer will also impact the drying period. Some primer brands will take longer to dry as they contain more oil.

If you use a water-based primer, the dry process will be quick. Hence when choosing the brand, it is necessary to check the manufacturer’s instructions to get an idea about the drying period.

  • Humidity

Low humidity in the environment will make the drying process of primer quick. So, it is better if you plan to paint the house on a less humid day, or you can also use a dehumidifier to make the process faster.

  • Temperature

Drying of primer will be slower at a low temperature, so if you paint the interior, it is better to switch on the heater. The heater will help to regulate the temperature. Therefore, it will make the drying process fast.

  • Exterior vs. Interior

When you are priming the interior or exterior of your house and choosing a rainy day, it may take a long. In contrast, the drying process will be faster on the exterior of your house on sunny days compared to the interior walls.

On the other hand, the brand of the exterior primer will also affect the drying period. It is better to choose a sunny day to paint the exterior of your house as this will help to complete work faster.

  • Ventilation

By opening the window and providing proper ventilation, you can minimize the dry time of the primer. Suppose there are construction works happening in the neighborhood, then opening a window may bring dust into the house and will not provide a perfect look to the walls, so you must also be cautious about these factors.

These are a few ways to reduce the primer’s dry time through which you can minimize the waiting time.

We hope this article was helpful.

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