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How to Gift Wrap a Blanket? Let’s Add More Value To Your Gift

Wanna know how to gift wrap a blanket? we’ll help you out. Blankets are a significant cloth used to cover yourself while you’re in bed. These blankets come in varieties of colors and materials. This article will provide you with some ideas on gift wrapping a blanket. There are hacks that you can use to gift wrap a blanket quickly.

During the winter season or in windy climates, blankets are best comforting while in bed. There are different materials that the manufacturers use to make blankets, and the size, shape, and thickness of the blanket mainly differ according to the purpose.

What Are The Types of Blankets?

There are many types of blankets that people prefer. The preference depends according to there needs. The countries experiencing cold weather in most parts of the year go for a thicker blanket to keep themselves warm. Let’s also discuss in detail the type’s blankets,

  • Comforter

This blanket is thick and keeps you warm. The company makes comforter blankets by using two pieces of sateen, linen, bamboo, cotton, silk, or other suitable materials and filling them with feathers, cotton, or polyfill.

These blankets are lightweight, comfortable, and give a good look, but you cannot wash some of the comforters using a washing machine; hence cleaning the blanket will be challenging, and some are dry cleaned. During summer, the comforter will not be a good option.

  • Throw Blankets

People use this type of blanket for decoration. You can see throw blankets on the bed and sofa that gives an inviting look. You can also use this as a lounging jacket. Throw blankets are lightweight, and you can easily carry them out when needed, but the size is small that can be used only by a single person.

  • Quilt

This blanket is of two layers of fabric filled with cotton, wool, or polyester. The quilt gives a luxurious look to the room. Although the blanket is thick, you can also use it during summer as they are hot.

Quilts also come in different shapes and sizes; the fabric used on the top and bottom will also differ; they are cool and comfortable but washing the quilt is the most challenging task; mostly dry clean is the best way to clean quilts.

Apart from these types of blankets, there are also more varieties such as duvet, weighted blanket, electric blanket, coverlet, car blanket, acrylic blanket, and many more. If you are searching for the best type of blanket, it will usually depend on your personal preference.

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Different Types of Materials Used for Blankets

How To Gift Wrap a Blanket

During Christmas or other occasions, gift wrapping is one of the most challenging works. If you have made/ bought a blanket to gift it to someone special and wondering how to gift wrap a blanket, then this article is for you!

There are different ways in which you can gift wrap a blanket, and when you properly wrap a gift, that makes the receiver anticipate what is inside and will be eager to take a look at it.

You can also give without proper packing, but this will not make the receiver feel the worth of your gift; sometimes, you might have handmade the blanket on your own, so to make the receiver value your effort, gift wrap the blanket when you are presenting it. Gift wrapping a blanket might seem challenging. Here are some ideas on how to gift wrap a blanket which will make the process easy for you,

  • You make your wrapping paper using the raw materials you have at home. Place the pillow on top of the folded blanket and wrap it with a unique wrapping paper. You can place some decorations on top of the wrapping paper to make it match the theme. If it is a Christmas gift, use a pine cone and one or two Pinus leaves.
  • You can fold the quilt or any other thick blankets into two, roll it neat and tight, and then tighten it with a ribbon. You can make the bow with a ribbon and write a wish on a tag and tie it with the ribbon. 
  • Also you can place the folded blanket inside a box and wrap the package neatly using wrapping paper. Instead of wrapping paper, you can also use a cloth to cover the box, making the gift unique and special.
  • By only using a ribbon, you can protect the blanket. For this, choose an elegant ribbon that would match the color of your blanket. Fold the blank neatly and tie it using two pieces of ribbon. Place one ribbon horizontally and the other vertically. You can make a bow in the middle or corner of the blanket. This method is a straightforward hack, as the receiver will quickly recognize what your gift is.
  • Have you noticed handmade gift bags that look much more attractive than traditional gift packing? Yes! You can make a similar gift bag in the proper size to accommodate the blanket. Fold the blanket neatly, tie it with a ribbon and place it inside the gift bag; this will be unique and creative. 
  • Rolling the blanket and wrapping it with paper is another hack that you will learn when searching for how to gift wrap a blanket. This way, the recipient sometime will not be able to guess that it is a blanket.

The Best Types of Blankets That You Can Gift

There are many types of blankets, and in this article, you might have learned about some of them. When you choose a blanket for gifting, throw blankets are the best option.

Throw away blankets that look luxurious and will be helpful for decorative purposes. You can also make your blanket if you gift it to someone extraordinary. There is always worth and value to something made by yourself than what you purchase.

Hence your handmade blanket will be the best gift. If you know that the person will prefer a specific type of blanket, then the work will be easy as you can get that as a gift as it will benefit the receiver.

We hope this article on how to gift wrap a blanket helped you!



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