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How to Make Chip Bags? Comprehensive Guide

You might mostly prepare chips using potatoes. You can also make it using cassava, where you will slice it into thin slices and then grill, bake or fry them. Chips are a snack that everyone would like to eat regardless of age. Especially when you gather to spend time with your friend, or during trips you will not forget to carry chips bags. A chips packet might often seem attractive with its vibrant colors. If you plan to customize these bags, it is better to know how to make chip bags. According to the current trend, you might have seen parties where they will prepare all the items according to a specific theme.

If it is a lemonade theme, you will observe more yellow decorations, and the food items displayed will also match the theme color. If you are planning to have a grand birthday party for a kid and thought of customizing some chip packets according to the theme, then you can know the method of customizing through this blog.

Making things yourself is always more precious than buying ready-made things in the market. Suppose you customized your costume, baked a cake, made a delicious dessert, etc. when you do it yourself, it will be more valuable.

Similarly, sometimes you might want to customize the chips packets. If someone told you that it is impossible or hard, they might have never tried making it. In contrast, making chip bags is easy and will require a few steps, so you can make some unique chip bags by following the instructions. When packing a food item, you will always want it to be attractive and unique, especially when giving it to the kid. Since when they see the attractive packaging, they will like to try it.

How to Make Chip Bags?

Before looking at how to make chip bags, you must first gather all the necessary supplies to make the process easy. So here are some of the items that you will need when customizing the chip bag.

Supplies Need to Customize the Chip bag.

  • Computer
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Chip bag template
  • Standard or thin gloss paper for printing
  • Bags of chip
  • Printer

After gathering all the required stuff, you can step into the process of customizing the chip bag.

How to Select the Suitable Paper?

Suppose you are wondering which will be the most suitable paper to design a chip bag, then it will depend on your preference. Some people will not want to spend much on customizing the chip bag so they use the normal paper.

In contrast, if you want the paper to be shiny and attractive, then better get the glossy inkjet paper that will be available in the market. So, depending on the finishing you need, you can choose the type of paper.

For the chip bag, it will be best if you use inkjet paper. There are various options so you can choose any one among them. Some of the papers you will find in the stores are:

  • Super premium bright inkjet and laser paper.
  • Glossy brochure paper.
  • Glossy koala brand photo paper.
  • Hammermill premium laser gloss paper.

How to Design the Chip Bag?

This will be an optional step for people who intend to download the online free template. If you want to design the template, then you can use the app that is available online. Adobe is also one of the best applications where you can design such unique templates. For the selected template, you can include the text and image. Suppose you are going according to kids’ theme, then you include images that will attract their attention.

Printing the Chip Bag Template

When you search for a free chip bag template online, you will get various options so one that will match the decor or the party theme. If you know to design your template, you can also design it according to your preference.

The standard size of the chip bag will be US letter size, so after downloading the template, you can fix the size and decide on how many copies you will need. Then you can start printing it. Next, check whether there is any white space in the sheets on which you printed the templates. If so, you will need to trim then and remove it carefully.  

Fold the chip bags

Now you will have to fold the sheet into a bag. You must fold it properly and then paste the edges using glue. You can then flat the bag, and paste the bottom of the packet.

Now, you will only have access at the top through which you can put the chips. Before putting the chips into the bag, ensure that the glue on edges and the bottom is dried well. Then you can open the bag and put the chips inside. Next, you must seal the bag’s top using a glue stick.

Some people will assist you in using a glue gun as it will help to paste, firmly making the bag airtight. In contrast, pasting with a glue gun might make it difficult for the kid to open the packing, so the better option would be a glue stick.

In Which App You Can Design the Chip Bag Template?

When designing a chip bag for the first time, you will often be confused when selecting the application or website. There are several free and paid options in which you can customize the chip bag template.

If you have prior experience designing using adobe photoshop, this will be a great platform. Suppose you are a newbie, then you can try the free online source to design the template. Some of the programs which will be helpful for you in designing the template are bellow.

  • Canva
  • Photoshop
  • MS Word
  • Google docs
  • Silhouette Studio
  • BeFunky
  • MS Publisher

How to Adjust the Printer Settings?

This process should be done before you print the chips bag. After designing the template, when you decide to print it, you must first check on the printer setting and change them to get high-quality prints.

If there is an option in your printer to print the template without any border, then by choosing this, you will be able to print the template without any white space. Also, ensure to select the vivid photo option. These settings will increase the quality of the print.

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