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Is Rustoleum Spray Paint Waterproof? [Find Out]

Are you afraid of keeping your patio furniture out there in rain and snow? In this kind of situation, you need a paint that satisfies both aspects. Is rustoleum spray paint waterproof, becomes a consequent quiz that you come across.

Rustoleum has been famous since its introduction in 1921 by RPM international, inc. for its protective barrier that it supplies to the applied furniture or the surface to avoid discoloration, corrosion, rusting, mold growth, and dissolving of the glue used to attach the items, etc.

You can find paint, wood stains, primers, coatings for concrete surfaces, cleaning agents, and many others under the brand Rustoleum. The paints are basically oil-based enamels. Earlier, they used whale oil, but now they have refrained from it as material. Instead, now Rustoleum paints are made up of latex, alkyd resins, and epoxies, for instance. It also has provided the market with water-based options. 

Is Rustoleum Spray Paint Waterproof?

Rustoleum paints keep your valuable seating or bedding away from rust. Rust is formed when a metal like iron, mild steel, or alloys that contain iron are exposed to air and moisture. When rust is formed, it must be treated immediately as it causes the degrading of the material, wasting all the money you spent. 

If you are looking for paint to apply to avoid rusting or to treat a rusted surface, it would be better if you could go for a waterproof one. You will surely be pleased to hear that the answer to your question, is rustoleum spray paint waterproof, is a huge “yes.” 

Rust-Oleum 275185 never wet spray, protective enamel spray paint, 2X ultra cover Gloss spray, universal metallic spray paint, Rust-Oleum 265495 leak seal flexible rubber coating spray, and Rust-Oleum 250702stops rust spray paint are some sprays that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Rust-Oleum manufactured spray paints are chip resistant and are not fading with time. They also offer a waterproof warranty of 15 years for their waterproof range. There is a wide range of colors you can choose from. You can refer to their official website to see their color pallet and to search for the product details of the spray paint that you are going to purchase from the brand.

For further explanation:

Chip resistance means the ability of a paint to resist the damage done by flying substances in the air, such as dust, pollens, small gravel, etc. The chip resistance value of paint is taken from a piece of equipment called a Gravelometer. 

Where Can You Use Rustoleum Spray Paints?

Rustoleum spray paints are not only applied on metallic surfaces. They also can be used in places like wooden furniture, outdoor wooden structures, concrete structures, vinyl flooring, plastic finished items, and glass surfaces. Some paints, like Rust-Oleum fabric and vinyl spray paint, are even capable of applying to fabric to make them long-lasting without damage from weather and fungus.

Applying waterproof and rustproof paint is important, especially if you have outdoor structures like patios, pool decks, pavilions, or firepits in your yard. This will make your belongings last for a considerable number of years without changing their original state.

The waterproof painted walls will stand against any internal or external impact. Waterproof surfaces do not let you much to do much when cleaning, and thus the maintenance is also effortless. There will be no change of color due to fungi, bacteria, or any kind of germs in a waterproof plane.

How to Apply Rustoleum Paint on an Already Rusted Surface?

It is stated that applying a primer coat before applying the paint will do things alright. But this method has a probability of peeling the paint due to blisters. Therefore, clean the rust as far as you can as the first step.

Then you can wipe it out to remove any dust, oil patches, or residuals. Finally, you can go for the new painting. Apply a base coat in a primer like Rust-Oleum surface primer, and then paint it in your desired color with waterproof rustoleum paint spray. 

Note: Rustoleum primer will not only help in attaching the new paint, but also it will repel air and moisture from the surface. 

Purchasing new items is an extra expenditure; you can avoid such circumstances by investing in one of the best primers and waterproof paint.

Rustoleum Spray-Paint Prices

Usually, any spray bottle in the market will cost you an amount between $4-$10. We will list some of the items in this category with their prices below. You can follow this for your easiness to take a rough idea.

  • Rust-Oleum 275185 never wet spray- $18.95 (This contains two cans as two steps)
  • protective enamel satin black spray paint- $6.98
  • Painter’s touch 2X ultra cover spray- $4.49
  • Pure gold 245221 universal all surface spray paint- $7.99
  • Rust-Oleum ultra cover 2x matte spray paint, black- $6.43

How Much Does a Can of Rustoleum Spray Paint Cover?

From one 12 ounces spray bottle, you could cover an area of 7-8 square feet if the paint is applied as a layer of 1milimeter- 2milimeter in thickness. The time taken to dry this complete area will be nearly 20 minutes.

Read the instructions you get along with the product to check whether one coat is enough or if you need to go for a second coat. Then you can estimate the number of spray cans needed in your project and adjust the budget.

Is Rust-Oleum Toxic?

As per their official website statement, excessive inhale of vapor will cause issues with the lungs. Some people may be allergic to the mist, which will cause brain and nervous system-related problems for others. The worst thing is that these issues sometimes may last forever. Therefore, take necessary safety measures to avoid inhaling and touching the paint with your skin. 


Rustoleum spray paints are waterproof, making them the best match for both indoor and outdoor venues. The use of waterproof paint will give you huge profits. We have discussed all the benefits in detail in this paragraph. 

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