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Mushrooms Growing in Bathroom And How To Get Rid Of Them

Mushrooms belong to the fungus group as it is a fruiting body of a particular fungus. You might have come across different mushroom varieties with different shapes, colors, and sizes. In this article, you will learn about mushrooms growing in bathroom, the reasons for it, and why you need to get rid of them. You must often maintain the bathroom as it gets dirty quickly and contains germs.

When you neglect to maintain, you might come across different problems, and it will not be suitable for your hygiene. If you are also having mushrooms growing in bathroom and are interested in knowing the reasons and the ways to get rid of them, then continue reading the article as it will help you gain some knowledge.

Mushrooms are familiar to all. You might see them growing in your garden, on decaying wood, or the bark of a tree. In contrast, it is pretty disgusting when you go to the bathroom and notice a mushroom near the shower.

If you have never encountered such a situation, this might sound weird to you, but there are possibilities for mushrooms growing in bathroom. Let’s discuss the causes of mushrooms growing in the toilet, how you can prevent them from growing, and many more.

What Are The Reasons For Mushrooms Growing in Bathroom?

The main reason mushrooms grow in bathroom is because of the dim light and high humidity that will help any mold grow. Mushroom is also a type of mold. If you are having leaks or damages near the bathtub or sink sealing, this may also be why you are witnessing mushroom growth.

On most occasions, if your bathroom is dark and warm with low ventilation while there is enough moisture, this will help the development of molds and mushrooms.

These factors, like warmth, moisture, and inadequate ventilation, will increase the spreading of mushroom growth. If you are maintaining a dry bathroom, you will not encounter such a problem, but if there is any leak in the toilet bowl or the plumbing, it will promote mushroom growth.

The mushroom that grows in the bathroom will also have different colors and sizes. If mushrooms are growing in bathroom, then think of whether your toilet is dark/ has low light and high moisture, and if there is any leak, your answer will most probably be yes.

If you are searching for how to get rid of the mushroom and prevent them from growing, you will come across some tips in this article that you can use to remove mushrooms growing in the bathroom.

Are Mushrooms Growing in Bathroom Harmful?

The mushroom that grows in the bathroom is also a fungus. Mushrooms grow because of mold and these are also toxic. Similar to the precautions you take to remove mold, you must also prevent yourself, your kid, and the pets from these mushrooms.

As the kids and pets in your home will not have proper knowledge about these mushrooms, they will try to sniff them or touch, you must be careful as they might cause allergies, wheezing, runny nose, and also dry cough.

At the start, the spore will be present in your bathroom, which will later turn into a mushroom due to the environment that promotes the growth. All spores in the bathroom will not become mushrooms, it depends on the bathroom. This means if you have a properly ventilated bathroom with no leaks, you may not witness the growth of mushrooms.

If you have mushrooms in your bathroom, make sure you take the necessary steps to get rid of them. If they turn into black mold and mildew, it might even be dangerous to the health. These black molds might cause respiratory issues, headaches, and eye irritation. Let’s also look at how to get rid of these mushrooms growing in the bathroom.

How to Remove Mushrooms Growing in Bathroom?

To clean your bathroom and get rid of these mushrooms, first remove all the mushrooms that are present in the tile, wall, or any other place. Now you can spray the bathroom cleaner on the areas where you find the growth of mushrooms and molds. Let the cleaner sit for around thirty minutes.

Then using a brush, scrub the place well and then wash with warm water, this will help to get away all the mold and mushrooms from your bathroom. If you don’t like using a bathroom cleaner, you may also use alternatives like bleaching powder, baking soda, and distilled vinegar.

Safety Precautions To Follow When Removing Mushrooms In Bathroom?

You must take necessary safety measures when removing mold to avoid contacting them. Ensure you wear gloves and do not use your bare hands when removing the mushrooms.

Also, wearing a mask will prevent you from inhaling the spore or the chemical used when cleaning. And do not forget to wear your bathroom slippers. After cleaning the mold and mushrooms, take a fresh shower and change your clothes.

How To Prevent Mushrooms Growing in Bathroom?

Check on the reasons why mushroom is forming in your bathroom. Some people make their bathroom with wooden floors, so if there is any rotten wood in your bathroom, this may help mushrooms grow. Refurbishing the bathroom with new wood will prevent the growth of mushrooms.

Also, by using a ventilation fan, you can remove the moisture in the bathroom, which will help prevent molds and mushrooms’ development. Check whether there are any leaks in the bathroom and if you find any leaks, make sure to fix them properly since leaks may help mushrooms grow. If you ventilate your bathroom, this will also help prevent mold formation.

After removing and cleaning the bathroom, do not wait till you notice any mold or spores to clean your bathroom again. Instead have routine maintenance clean, you must at least wash your bathroom once a week.

After cleaning, drain all the water and wipe the sink, mirror, taps, etc., with a dry cloth. When you maintain a dry bathroom, this will reduce mold or mushroom formation. Using fungicide after the cleaning process will prevent forming of mushrooms.

If your bathroom is dark, ensure you don’t leave the bathroom wet and avoid placing wet clothes or towels inside. If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, you can use an exhaust fan as this will improve the ventilation. These are some tips that you can use to prevent mushrooms from growing in the bathroom.

We hope this article was helpful.

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