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Best Method To Replace Roman Tub Faucet With No Access Panel

This guide will show you how to replace Roman tub faucet with no access panel. A Roman Bathtub tap is a bathing and showering tap attached to the bathtub’s decking rather than the walls. Roman tub taps are appealing because they have an exquisite arching aspect and create a smooth, classy appeal.

Roman bathtub taps are prevalent among householders and perform well in solitary tubs. They are available in various configurations, featuring single, double, and multiple grip styles. Do you want to change the look of your Roman bathtub tap? If you previously comprehend how to repair a basin tap, replacing a Roman bathtub fixture would be a cakewalk.

 Since the replacement tap fits onto the existing anchoring mechanism, changing a Roman bathtub tap is smoother than fitting a new unit.

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The cartridge controls the liquid stream whenever you pull the lever on a tap. Cartridges might wear out over the period and have to be changed. If you have a leaking faucet or are having trouble flipping it on, your cartridge may require to be changed. Faucet cylinders often get built for sure faucets; therefore, ensure you get a substitute from a good company.

Since roman tub taps don’t even have a standard access mechanism like other types of fixtures, changing one might be challenging. Suppose you’re new to DIY tap restoration and replacing.

In that case, you could complete the procedures for a Roman tub tap substitute using a few simple hand equipment such as a hexagon key, screwdriver, channel locks, and putty blade.

A plumber’s epoxy could be required as well. If feasible, purchase the faucet trimming, not the valves, as you will be utilizing the current valve. Due to the distinctive design of Roman bathtub taps, they require specific expertise to repair. Let’s look at how to replace roman tub faucet with no access panel.

How To Replace Roman Tub Faucet With No Access Panel? 

Restoring a tub tap without gaining access to the wall is feasible. It only takes a few simple steps. Wall accessibility is required to reach the water shutdown controls and replacement seats while repairing bathtub taps.

On the other hand, many faucets may get repaired by simply inserting a new cylinder. It gets changed without having to go into the showering wall. The procedure for How to replace roman tub faucet with no access panel requires approximately an hour to finish and necessitates plumbing knowledge.

Water Supply

Revealing the water source pipes just beneath the bathtub tap is probably the most challenging element of this job. Several Roman baths got built with accessibility in view, so search for a detachable panel beneath or beneath the tap.

This panel may swing out like a doorway, slip out of a slot, or take a little delicate movement. Look into any closets underneath the jacuzzi for a substantially rectangular board on the wall next to the bathtub.

Suppose you can’t get to the water supplying pipes. In that scenario, you may still change the Roman bathtub tap by disconnecting the service at the primary building connection.

Then switch on the bathtub tap till all the leftover liquid runs out. Getting to it isn’t essential because you’re only changing the faucet spouting and controls and not any of the “beneath decking” equipment. But, if you believe this hardware requires replacement and cannot reach it, contact an expert plumber.

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How To Remove Roman Tub Faucet?

Many manufacturers, such as the Moen Roman bathtub tap, would adopt a similar disassembly approach. Using a hexagonal key, release the screw on the rear of the spout’s foundation. Then, lift upwards on the faucet to detach it and disconnect any leftover foundation pieces. You might have to scrape the epoxy using a putty blade initially.

The faucet knobs might be detached similarly, with a screw in the rear or front of the lever behind a beautiful cover. Remove this cover using a flathead driver. However, you can unscrew the foundation by twisting it counterclockwise manually or with channel locking. Lastly, scrub away any epoxy that remains on the tub’s surface.

Replacing Roman Tub Faucet

A rubber ring is usually included with taps to provide secure sealing at the foundation. Put these sealing over the uncovered cylinders and spouting pipe such that they lay evenly on the tub’s level. Read the assembly guide to determine if the maker suggests using the plumber’s epoxy with the rubber sealing.

Then, set the tap knobs on top of the cylinders and lock them by turning the foundation clockwise or inserting the provided screw. Put the spouting over the center line and press down gently. Fasten the screw at the rear with a hexagon key.


You must next test the faucet to ensure that it is operational. Reconnect the water connection and check the tap at various degrees of activity, incorporating hot and cold separately. Ensure there are no breaches; otherwise, the fixture will require retightening. The job finishes when there’s no more water leakage.

Factors To Consider When Replacing Roman Tub Faucet 

When difficulties emerge, you’ll wish you had an accessible panel beneath the bathtub and showering. Without that, the only method to repair the infrastructure is to make a gap through the wall.

Suppose the walls are ceramic, and you hire a professional. In that case, you will be paying them to create a massive disturbance in the toilet. Although this, the absence of an access panel is not a misdemeanor offense in most cases.

Bottom Line

Roman bathtub taps are a common choice; therefore, if something goes amiss, it is essential to know how to repair them. Since they attach just like basin taps, fixing a roman bathtub tap is more straightforward than changing a wall-mounted tap. In contrast to standard wall-mounted tub taps, you would be able to acquire the controls without the need to breach the wall.



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