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Steam Mop vs Spin Mop – Which Is Your Best Option?

When comparing, steam mop vs spin mop, a steam mop is a cutting-edge floor mop that is simple to operate. You can quickly make your surface spotless. Your mopping sessions will be simple and quick thanks to it. And spin mops are effective in deep cleaning. Thus, if you don’t routinely clean your floors, this is the ideal cleaning equipment for you.

In this article. let’s discuss the comparisons in the design, performance of cleaning, features, easiness in using and durability of steam mop vs spin mop.

A Comparison of Design and Features Between Steam Mop and Spin Mop


As you are aware, the steam mop is free of a bucket and instead, it contains a motor housing. It is possible to use these mops as conventional mops since they spray a jet of steam on the floor, which acts as a medium to pick up all the dust, stains, and bacteria.

The mop includes a cleaning pad that catches all the dirt and other impurities while the steam sprays out and draws them up.

A spin mop includes a bucket with a washing basket and a scrubbing mop head that can spin. On occasion, a pedal could be used to spin the washing basket. The cleaning head consists of microfiber blend material. Comparatively, it is more absorbent.


Steam mops are electric, in contrast to practically all other varieties of mops, which are manual. The design of steam mops allows them to easily clean carpet, tiles, hardwood, vinyl, and linoleum. To clean, there is no need for a bucket or harsh chemicals. Steam mops spray a jet of steam on the floor, which acts as a medium to pick up all the dirt and stains.

A spin mop has a design that allows the cleaning head to rotate 360 degrees. This characteristic differentiates the spin mop from other mops on the market. Cleaning and rinsing the cleaning head on the spin mop is made simpler by the spin head.

A bucket that has two portions, comes with this. Both the top and bottom sections include rinse baskets to hold clean water. To rinse and dry it more quickly, the user only needs to put the cleaning head in the bottom, let it soak, and then press it into the rinsing basket.

Which One has the Best Cleaning Performance: Steam Mop vs Spin Mop?

Both the steam mop and spin mop are efficient in their cleaning performance in their own ways. Let’s find out what is more well-suited to your everyday life.

Water v/s Steam

To clean the floor, steam mops use steam. The steam mop uses steam to clean the floor while removing bacteria, stains, and dirt. It produces water vapor, which can assist in removing dirt. Also, because of its quick drying time, it can get rid of mold while reducing the likelihood of additional growth.

A spin mop is extraordinarily absorbent, holding a maximum of seven times its weight in water. So, it works well for floors that don’t require daily cleaning and is excellent at eliminating unintentional spills.

Different Surfaces

Despite the fact that steam mopping can be used on a variety of surfaces, including carpets, many professionals advise against steam cleaning laminate or wooden floors. Moreover, this should not use on surfaces with gaps, such as vinyl planking or tiles, and even hardwood with small/unnoticable cracks.

These flooring may bend, expand, discolor, and sustain other irreparable harm if they are steam mopped.

You have the choice to thoroughly clean with a damp mop or quickly dry clean by using a spin mop. With the exception of carpets, you can clean any type of flooring thanks to this adaptability. Thus, you won’t have to be concerned about harming an unsealed hardwood floor while dry cleaning it.

Which One has the Best Cleaning Performance


Types of Dirt

Steam mop helps eliminating harmful germs other than removing tough or sticky dirt from the surfaces. As previously said, steam cleaning can eliminate 99.99% of the germs and bacteria that are present in your house. Staphylococcus, E. Coli, mold, and dust mites are a few of these. Your surfaces will be more effectively sanitized when the water hits 175F.

Bacteria can also be reduced by the spin mop’s microfiber head. It also includes a static electric charge that makes it simple to trap dust. Its fibers will also capture all dirt on surfaces and can be more effective than a steam mop at cleaning crumbs and particles.

Which One is Easy to Use Steam Mop or Spin Mop?


In comparison, of spin mop vs steam mop, spin mop is less weight because it is not complex as a steam mop and when cleaning, the user has to use extra pressure on it. But you have to carry the water basket wherever you mop as in for collecting water.

Even though, the steam mop is heavier than the spin mop you won’t have to use extra pressure on it. You just have to scrub it on the surface easily.


It is possible for water to spill out when using the spin mop. But there is no such option with a steam mop. So, maneuverability of the steam mop can consider easy until you are unable to find a power supply nearby.

Control Options

It is easy to use a spin mop without any user guide as it works just like any other manual mop. But when using a steam mop, you need to refer a user guide to install its parts (water tank, fragrance disks, cleaning pads) properly and to connect it to a power supply.

It all depends on the user’s opinion as to how simple a spin mop or steam mop is to use.

Maintenance and Durability Comparison Between Steam Mop vs Spin Mop

Filter Replacement

In steam mops, you need to fill the water tank at the top of the mop before using. and once it is emptied you can easily remove it, refill it with clean water again and place it back. The durability of the mops depends on how the user uses them.

And in spin mops, you have to remove the dirty water in the bucket once it gets very dirty and refill it with clean water. After using the mop, you should wash the bucket as well.

Mop head Replacement

In Steam mops, the wash pad is removable and it needed to be washed after use while in spin mops also the microfiber mop head is removable and washable. You can easily remove it from the mop handle and wash it into the machine following some simple steps.

Once the wash pads of steam mops become unusable you have to purchase new ones and the same goes for the spin mops. When the micro-fibres wear out the mop head should replace.

Warranty Options

Warranty options for these mops differ by brand and place where you buy them. Before purchasing look for the warranty and customer reviews.

Price Comparison Between Steam Mop vs Spin Mop

As we have discussed through the article, Spin mops cost less as their structure, design, and features are less complex than a steam mop. The steam mop’s design and features are the main reasons for its high cost.

Steam mops are electrical and have intricate parts in their design, accounting for their high price tags. Spin mops, on the other hand, are less expensive and, in comparison, less complex consisting of a microfiber mop head and a water bucket. Spin mops are more affordable and superior when considered in terms of cost.

Concerning the price, the steam mop is worth its value, and the spin mop is worth its price.

Finally, if you want a quick and efficient way of mopping, you should consider purchasing a steam mop, and if you don’t get to clean your floorings and surfaces too often and can’t afford a high price, you should consider buying a spin mop.

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